Monday, December 28, 2009

A Call to Arms for NARHAMS

Over Christmas weekend, I popped over the the NARHAMS site to update my personal 2010 launch calendar and noticed a theme has been set for the February launch - Russian "Cold War models (green with red star)".  Since the painting of the Frankenstein MLAS has been stalled by the cold weather, I decided to throw a suitable model together.  Chances are I won't attend, either due to the weather or schedule conflicts, but why let that stop me from building something? So....

I'm building a not-quite-scale rocket resembling the SS-7 and SS-8...I'll call it the SS-7.5.

Find one partially-turned, truncated conical balsa cone that almost fits on a BT-60 tube.  Trim and install a coupler to use as a shoulder.  Grab a new BT-60 and use as-is to keep from having to cut it.   Find a ~8.5" piece of 2.125" mailing tube.  Center said tube over the base of the BT-60 using shims.  Motor mount?  How about a scavenged 24mm mount that already has a shock cord attached?  Fins will be clear and also scavenged.  Add a cardstock transition.  Noseweight will be required since the scrap parts in the tail region are heavier than what I'd normally use if building with new parts.  Maybe a huge eye bolt will be enough.