Sunday, November 29, 2009

V-2 status (and other stuff)

Well, a little sanding and a re-coat did the trick.  Trying to sand the base of the cone actually lifted all the primer.  I sanded the exposed areas good before the re-priming.  My dilemma is how to proceed to apply the other colors.  I did a good job (IMO) on the free-form camouflage for the AquaBottleBat and El Tubo Loco.  But I'm not sure how this will work out on a smaller rocket.  I'm wondering if I should make masks with some random shaped holes and hold these an inch or so from the rocket as I spray?

I'm also putting the final touches on the stretched Nike Smoke.  Needs paint and a shock cord.

I hate raking leaves and hate raking pine needles even more.  But I love turkey sandwiches and pie so today hasn't been that bad :)  I was going to photograph the primed V-2 but don't want to drag my carcass down into the Dungeon.

I read the instructions for the Delta X-15 and decided I'll save this for the next building session.  Note to self: scrub the crap out of that resin cone. Again.