Monday, November 09, 2009

Sport Rocketry Nov/Dec 2009

This is the NARAM 51 edition and my main feeling after thumbing through it is...I wish I had attended!  The coverage is typical to past NARAMs and includes plenty of photos.  It started well with the cover showing a nice closeup of Chas Russell showing off the Pod Bay Door's Sci-Fi-Future Scale Saturn IB MLV-11.5.  I had taken note of this model on NARAM Live! but didn't know much about it.

Other NARAM stuff I took note of included: a large photo of Kevin Johnson with his sexy Valkyrie; Scott Branche's cool R/C Centuri Mach 10 upscale; night launch photos; rocket girl egg-lofters; close up photo and details on Mark Chrumka's MLAS, which won in C-Div Peanut Scale; many other Peanut Scale entries; NARHAMS #139 takes 4th in the national standings; and the 3-page photo montage (Paul Miller made it in 2 photos).  What is missing is coverage of the "rockets beyond strange" event.

Other major features include coverage of the cool Interceptor-M that flew at Plaster Blaster 2008 (videos are here) and Ed Miller's article on spray-on carbon fiber.  The latter is for looks not strength and, man, does Ed make it look good!

Missile-aneous stuff of interest: ad for the Quest MLAS; new night launch "Phantom" kit by Leading Edge Rocketry; a Santa Sleigh rocket in The CATO Chronicles.