Saturday, November 07, 2009

Quest MLAS - status and initial opinions

I started the build during TV commercials this evening.   I built and installed the motor mount, built the nose cone assembly less the recovery harness, filled the fins, and began installing them.  So far this has all been fairly straightforward and I'm not sure I'd rate this skill level three.  But no matter.  It's a fun LPR build and, despite it being a stand-off sport scale representation, I think it is looking pretty cool.  I also built the three plastic 'chutes, 2 of which will bring down the nose and one the body.  Prepping and packing these might be the biggest challenge.  They will really be right on top of the ejection charge.

Some time tomorrow I'll be ready for paint.  The instructions say you need foam-safe white and black spray paint. Being a non-conformist, I'm thinking about spraying the lower body with plain old non-foam-safe paint.  For the fins, methinks I'll use brush-on testors.  For the cone, I may just buy some acrylic brush-on at Michaels. 

I've also been thinking about bigger-than-recommended motors.  The nose weight is  a lag bolt and it screws in fairly tightly.  For the next version, I'll upgrade/replace this bolt.  I am flip-flopping between leaving this on for the recommended B6's and kludging up a quick and dirty way to add weight to allow a 'C' flight.  Decision, decisions.