Friday, November 06, 2009


My two MLAS kits and a few other parts just arrived.  Not bad for a Monday morning order.  My one annoyance is that we are at the end of the UPS route so, even though my package was out for delivery at 6AM, it was 6PM before it arrived.

The kit looks cool, I like its stubbyness and foam cone. It has a medium sized lag bolt that fits in the cone's tip - ya' knew a fair amount of nose weight would be required.  This will provide a reasonable point to attach even more weight for the upgraded motor mount version.  On quick glance, the build looks fairly straightforward. It will require an above average amount of masking on the angled surfaces of the cone and some foam safe paint.  The three 'chutes may make recovery a bit more challenging as the opportunity for 'chute tangling is also above average.  Should be fun!