Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nike Smoke cone work (and other stuff)

After two days of eating and visiting with family, I ventured back down to the Dungeon.  First up was priming my Hostile Projectiles V2.  I chose Rustoleum red-brown primer since it would not only prime but serve as one of the colors in my planned cammo pattern.  Well, one instruction I thought that I had heeded was to scrub the nose and tail cone with steel wool to get the mold release off. I scrubbed until I thought it would be good...and then scrubbed some more.  It appears I was not uniform in this process because spots formed on one quadrant of the tail cone and around the base of the nose cone.  I let it dry well, sanded and have re-coated.  I probably should strip it and try a Dremel brush on it...nah...just press on. I've recovered from this condition before and can strip two layers as easily as one if it doesn't work.   I'll report back tomorrow.

Then I decided I might as well touch-up the MLAS cone after its mud bath.  I coated the whole thing with Future and put three coats on the cone.  Here, the brush on paint still doesn't look that good, but is shinier.

And to the star of this attempt to make a functional Nike Smoke cone.  That is, one that will spew tracking powder as it boosts.  You can see the guts in the photo.  An Estes lug in the tip will feed air into the First Fire igniter tube.  The holes in theis tube will then hopefully blow the powder out a vent, which isn't cut yet.  I found that a plastic cap donated by Warthog (aka Don B) that fits almost perfectly in the shoulder.  The vent will be on the short transition section just above the plastic insert. The ear plug protruding from the end will be replaced with a plug that extends to the bottom of the lower hole.

I plan to add the tracking powder with the cone separated  It will be held together with tape for its test flight.  If it works, I may glue the two halves together and fill it from the tube that protrudes out the back.  But that's a BIG IF.