Sunday, November 15, 2009

Launch Report 2009-8 (Red Glare 7)

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (Red Glare VII)
Weather: mid to high 60's, light breeze, clear
Total flights: Today - 7; YTD - 72
Total motors: Today - 10; YTD - 87

The remnants of Hurricane Ike Ida had disrupted Red Glare 7.  Friday was a wash-out, literally, and Saturday was soggy with a low cloud ceiling. (I wasn't in attendance.) But today, Sunday, was fantastic.  To get to the flight line you had to navigate the swamp that was the parking access road.  But once through, there was some reasonably dry parking.  Still, there were plenty of stuck vehicles.  I was directed to a saved spot by Paul and camped with to Don, Richard, and Mike. Jim and Scott also came.  The field itself wasn't bad and I didn't encounter any puddles.

The launch pads were busy, from low power through the away cells.  There were plenty of 'M' flights and at least one 'N'.  Two that stuck out were Dan Michael's 1/3 scale Honest John, which flew on three 'M's and included four G80 spin motors, and a hybrid M that only went to about 50' and then lawn darted spectacularly.  My OurPlanet album (embedded below) includes both.  There was also the Paul Robinson Memorial sparky-motor drag race. 16-20 racers were advertised but I don't know how many actually went. The two 'M's on the away cells flew later due to operator error.

I also helped out on Team Starfigher. Don flew his upscale of the LOC Starfighter on a central red 'K' and  two smoky 'I's for a cool flight.  It was nearly the last launch of the day and the sun was down during recovery ops.  I took the launch shot on 'sunset' mode so the red plume is really red.

My Flights (out of order):
  1. Raygun Gothic Birdhouse on an F39-5 - The boost was decent.  Ejection was a bit late and the shock cords for the nose and body tangled.  However, both 'chutes opened and the recovery was good.
  2. Raygun Gothic HoJo on four D12-5's - The boost was anemic and ejection was late.  Nevertheless, it recovered fine. This really needs composites.
  3. Quest MLAS on a Quest B6-4 - The rocket went to about 20', arced over, and lawn darted.  The cone got muddy but somehow the soft foam nose wasn't dented, the thin body tube was just fine, and all 8 fins stayed on!
  4. Quest MLAS on an Estes C6-5 - I jury-rigged the nose weight and stuffed in a C6-5.  It flew nicely with some weather cocking.  I really should have recorded the actual CG of this configuration since the weight was lost at ejection.  I'll have to recreate it in the Dungeon and try to add the same amount permanently.
  5. Hat of Death on a G20 - The long boost started well, it pin wheeled a couple of times, and then it continued on its merry way.  This was its 50th flight and the first non-clustered flight that wasn't perfect.
  6. Art Applewhite Texas Special Saucer on an I49 - This was a cool long burn but it weather cocked like mad.  This motor is cooler when the boost is over your head.
  7. Misguided saucer on a D11-P - FAIL - it lived up to its name.

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