Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What to do with MLAS numero dos?

I've been away from the Dungeon and my rockets, but have been pondering what to do with my Quest MLAS #2.  All options will include a lightly glassed cone to make it sturdier and easier to finish.  Maybe a glassed body also.  And a hollow shoulder for an inch more 'chute space.

Option #1 - a 4 x18mm cluster - This will keep the spacing of the motor mount. But after glassing a nose weight, will I be happy with 24n avg. impulse?

Option #2 - a single 24mm -  This will keep the motor spacing and let me go to 39 N avg. impulse using the 24/40 case.

Option #3 - stuff in a 29mm mount - Glass everything and add a lot of lead.  The cute will have to reside beside the mount.

Option #4 - Your guess is as good as mine.

I think I'll paint a V-2-like roll pattern or make it all black with pirate decals.