Friday, November 13, 2009

It looks like there IS significant water on the Moon

NASA just reported that LCROSS detected a large amount of water in the ejected plume.  The 20m crater ejected yielded ~100kg of water along with other interesting stuff, including organics. Not surprisingly, this is causing a lot of excitement in the space community. So maybe the Moon is such a boring place after all, eh?  The Google Lunar X-prize folks also hope this will increase the activity in their private race back to the moon.  I didn't know it, but there is a Water Detection Bonus for the teams that confirm the presence of water. Sounds like easy money to me :rolleyes:

Sorry for the crack, I really do think this is awesome.  Makes ALICE even more interesting too.

Clark Lindsey is gathering info and links:

Phil Plait has a good post on this find too.