Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hostile Projectiles update

Here is the V-2, flight ready and waiting for primer.  I ended up laminating the fins with paper since I couldn't get the fin template off the balsa.  The instructions have you attach the template with 3M Super 77 spray glue and methinks I went a tad heavy on it.  I was worried that the method of embossing the fin panel lines wouldn't work...but it did.  This technique requires some practice as my panel lines are not anywhere near of uniform depth.

I meant to add nose wight to get it balanced for up to AT D24 reloads.  After a couple of brain farts I found I added too much nose weight and a flight on a C6 is very iffy - anyone got a 100" 1/8" rod?  So, it will now fly on D13's and D24's.

While on the subject of screw-ups, I managed to totally melt the decals for the Delta X-15 with a coat of Future.  The instructions told me to use a specific decal product, but I tried the Future.  If the model flies well, I guess I'll see if Steve will sell me a new set get some decal paper and print a new set using the file provided with the instructions.