Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breaking news: the Dungeon is bombarded by Hostile Projectiles

While I was gone for the weekend, my order from Hostile Projectiles arrived!  I got both the V-2 and the Delta X-15.  Here are my initial impressions. 

I'll start with the reason I ordered them - the V-2's nose and tail cones and the cone for the X-15.  These are not your daddy's resin cones. They are thin walled and I bet not much heavier than solid balsa (if at all).  The initial flight reports are that they are also tough. Steve really knows how to cast parts!  The detail is really makes them stand out.  You should be able to click the thumbnail to see some of it.  The finish is great and the only flaws are two small voids on one V-2 fin flaring.

These are very obviously 'builders kits'.  There is no header card or print instructions.  The latter comes on CD.  The parts are fairly typical and I didn't bother photographing them.  The tubes are not a cleanly cut as, my 'meter stick' vendor (e.g. Semroc),  there are no laser cut fins, and the chute is plain plastic.  Nevertheless, these will be fun and I'm sure will look and fly great.  Building should commence on the V-2 tomorrow.