Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 10 reasons the Dungeon isn't more popular

This post was prompted by the sharp drop off in my readership after a week-long lull in posting during my vacation.
  1. In terms of the blogosphere, sport/hobby/amateur rocketry is a niche market.
  2. Too much off topic stuff. Spaceflight and science is probably OK but few rocketeers people care about my random interests, my taste in movie/music, etc.
  3. Rocketeers seem to be forum hounds not bloggers. Even when I was really active on the forums, it didn't look like many members read the Dungeon regularly. The Dungeon is just another place they'd have to check semi-hourly?
  4. In general, mine are smaller than...many others. (Yes, my rockets, geeesh.)
  5. Lack of op-eds. Yeah, there is little deep commentary here. Too many times, when I've tried, I get... complaints. Real opinions are like work. Plus, I have had enough moderation duties elsewhere.
  6. Lack of 'advertising' and promotion.
  7. Too many rocket girls.
  8. Too few rocket girls.
  9. Too little clothing on the rocket girls.
  10. Too much clothing on the rocket girls.
Readers are welcome to add #11, #12....