Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Raygun Gothic HoJo - completed, except...

Except for a plug for the gaping hole in the cone and possibly the name.

I gave up on brass/copper tubing or fittings for trim.  I didn't want to  hold up the build as I get close to vacation and it would only add unnecessary weight. So with the help of Don and stantonjtroy on TRF, I fashioned the spin motors from triangular prism shaped scrap balsa.  These scraps were formed when a big block of nose cone balsa was roughed-out.  I seldom throw anything away when it could be used for another rocket.

As you can see, I kept the trim to a minimum to keep what I hope is a recognizable, albeit goony, HoJo look.  The body and lower cone are Rustoleum dark olive drab, the top and rim of the circular port is gold leaf brush-on, and the silver band is automotive pin striping.