Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing...The Beer Garden

In my previous post, I mused about what was wrong with the Dungeon (the blog, not the rocket lab).  The first two respondents basically thought the problem was not enough beer.  So, I thought I'd start blogging about the beers I've enjoyed.  This will be a regular but probably infrequent feature as I just don't get out that much and I have a largish stash of Yuengling Lager to work on here at home.

Last weekend I tried Atwater Vanilla Java Porter on tap at a T-Bonz in Ellicott City. Here's how the brewer describes it:
A robust porter made with chocolate malt. We blend it with Vanilla and Java beans, and balance it with U.S. Golding Hops.

I found it interesting - dark and rich with a small thick head.  However, the vanilla flavor was overpowering.  It tasted like vanilla extract was added after it was brewed vs. being infused during the process.

Bottom line is that I am not sorry that I tried it but, unless the selection of microbrews is scant, I probably wouldn't give it another try.  If you like trying new things and have never tried a vanilla flavored beer, I'd say give it a shot.