Monday, September 28, 2009

Standoffs and wood stain?

Since Saturday, I embedded a screw in the gap between the motor mounts on the HoJo, attached the mount and a 3/8" tubular nylon shock tether (overkill, but I used what I got), and have started attaching the fins. 

Next, I'll need standoffs for the rail buttons.  My default will be to cut them from wood, but I wonder of I can find something weirder looking? They need to be about 0.625".

Later today, I'll look for some 'gothic' trim.   In searching around, I gravitated toward steampunk sites and images.  This means metal piping, rivets, knobs and sometimes finished wood. Wood?  Hmmmm....  I'm back to thinking about small copper pipe fittings for the 'spin motors'.  I'll check out a plumbing supply place ance see if I can fins some small ones.  I still would like an olive drab paint job but am thinking for the cone I might paint the top metallic copper, the thin raised band and window band silver, and then wood stain the lower part.  This will either look really cool or like crap.

Somehow in the real-time measuring and assembly this weekend, I ended up with the mount recessed about 1 1/2".  This was too much so I trimmed about 1/2 off.  Now, the fins are almost flush with the base instead of resting about 3/8" up.  Oh well, this IS a goony HoJo.  Better re-measure for the standoffs!