Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sport Rocketry, September/October 2009

The three main features in this issue are the National Sport Launch, Team America Rocket Challenge and a tech article on building an electronics bay.

I like the cover photo of the high power Jayhawk (a fuzzy version is shown here). NSL may not be as big as LDRS in terms of average size of the motors flown, but you can't say NAR isn't into HPR either. All together there were 5 articles on the event, including one on the new Upscale Competition. The rockets are upscales of commercially produced kits and scoring is by popular vote.

TARC is a great event but the article didn't excite me. Still, the participants deserve recognition.

The altimeter bay article should prove useful to anyone thinking about electronics. It provides the wiring diagram and physical layout of a complicated arrangement of 2 timers and 3 altimeters to handle staging and recovery for a complex rocket. It also shows the mounting of a GPS unit and covers things like setting the system up, static ports and the charges themselves. Good article.

Finally, I spotted a cool ad...from Quest...for the MLAS! I immediately checked the website but it's not there yet. The ad says it is product no. 3014 and will retail for $28.99.