Saturday, September 05, 2009

ROCKETS Magazine, August 2009

Well, that was quick, eh? First, it turns out the rechargable trimmer was quick and easy to assemble, charge and use. Second, I haven't actually read the whole magazine. But, here goes anyway.

I'll start by saying that I'm thankful for the photography in this magazine. 54 of the 63 pages are dedicated to LDRS-28 coverage. That's a lot of flight report! Without photos it might take me until LDRS-29 to wade through this mega-report. As usual, the all-color photographs are great.

The main thing I am enjoying other than the photos is people I know being mentioned. And, since MDRA played a major role in this launch, there are a greater than normal number of people I know. Dave Weber, Neil McGilvray, Bob Utley, Dave Olson, Kathy Gilliand, Al Gloer, David Chance, Vinnie Lobo...I'm sure I've missed someone from the 1st three days of flying.

Some facts and photos I liked include:
  • The parking was Dave W. who is a civil engineer.
  • Farm hands can also be 'rocketeers'. The farm manager Rick Hall brought a fleet of tractors to help fliers arriving on Day 1 to navigate the mud-bowl. He also had an all day hay wagon taxi service. That's above and beyond the call of duty!
  • Rick is a champion tractor puller.
  • They have the normal stats - number of fliers, NS burned, motors burned, etc. The also claim the average pounds of mud each person took home with them - 14.9 lbs. LOL.
  • The first rocket depicted on day 1 was Al connecting the leads to his Little Lunar Express.
  • I like photos of sparky motors and CATO's :)
  • There's a great shot of Boris Katan's Hot Rod Nitro on 13 'main' motors and an additional 6 in the air started parasite rockets.
  • I also like odd-rocs - a flying ice cream cone, a space man, and even a decoy duck. :)
  • There's a spectacular photo of David C's Black 5 CATO and a good shot of his more successful Buttercup.
  • Plenty of coverage was given to the low power flights. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see people who fly 'M' and bigger motors enjoy a nice low power flight.
  • On the 1st 3 days (at least), 'G' motors were the most flown.
  • LDRS founder Chris Pearson was flying.
Now I'm tired of typing and am ready to read some more.