Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raygun Gothic rocket update

Here's the Raygun Gothic Birdhouse. I got antsy so I clamped my power drill into my vise and ground on the clear fins.  All that's left is the nose weight.  I updated my RockSim model and I don't think much will be required. Update: The 'pilot' image and clear window is not may fly with a white plastic cap from a mailing tube...

I also put together the nose cone for the Raygun Gothic HoJo.  A bulkhead was glued to the bottom of the birdhouse, the shoulder was glued over that, and a 2nd bulkhead was glued to the end.  A long eyebolt goes through all three.

I don't need YA29mmR (yet another 29mm rocket) so I'm going to go for 4 x 24mm. I'll work on the rings and fins at Warthog's build session.