Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HoJo progresso

Well, the Raygun Gothic HoJo is basically flight ready.  Since the last update, the fins were completed, rail buttons were mounted on stand-offs and a couple of rings were added over the main tube.  The Super-Fil fillets are drying.

I haven't made much progress on the decoration.  I grabbed some 1/2" copper ells for the 'spin motors' but I don't think they'd look good.  The local plumbing supplier was out of the 3/8", which I think would be better.  As usual I'm averse to actually ordering stuff for a rocket like this.  In general, I'm swinging back to a more scale look.  That is, less odd trim and mix of colors.  After sanding and priming, I think I'll paint the body olive drab and go from there.  I need a better view of the spin motors on the real HoJo.  I may just want to build them from cardboard or balsa.

I am also considering renaming the thing.