Saturday, September 26, 2009

Build session...good progress

Don Brown hosted another of his build sessions today.  Before I get to my build, I'll say thanks to Don and Anita for hosting...again.  Don grilled brats, provided salad and drinks, and we chipped in for pizza.  We had a a garage-full with regulars Paul, Mike, and Jim as well as newbie Tom who make a long trek down from PA.

I managed to:
  • Cut the rings for, and assemble the 4 x 24mm motor mount for the Raygun Gothic HoJo.  I still have to add retention, which will be made using the center chunk that was left over after I cut the four 24 mm holes from the rings.
  • Cut extra 3" bulkheads and four bulkheads for BT-101 (4").  The latter will be the basis for the motor mount for my unplanned BT-101 model that I have been complaining about (with two extras).
  • Cut the four HoJo fins, including the multi-segmented tabs.  These are larger than planned and were based on the fins on Don's Public Enemy 3" HoJo.  I do know there are several variants and suspect the Madcow version that I supposedly scaled from 2.6" to 3" has the smaller fins.  I think the larger ones look better.
  • Slotted the tube and dry-fit the new parts.
  • The nose cone, body, motor mount and fins weigh 25 oz.  Four D12's are still looking good.
I also managed to:
  • Shoot the bull and laugh my butt off.
  • Eat 3 brats, 2 pieces of pizza, and 2 helpings of salad with Green Goddess dressing.
  • Help cut some 8" sewer pipe for  Jim's tower launcher.
  • Break Don's hearing protector.
  • Break the blade on his bandsaw...I have to figure a way to pay him back for the devastation.
Forgot camera, no photo evidence...