Thursday, August 13, 2009

While on the subject of making nose cones...

A while back, someone on some forum (Rocketry Planet?) described a method of making tail cones and transitions by removing triangular slivers of the body tube and pulling the gaps together. As I remember, several people then tried and liked the method. Me too! I made the tail cone for my CrayShipOne and even a el-cheapo 3" nose cone (pictured). I say el-cheapo, not because it was inexpensive (basically free), but because I only made 4 slits. The result is chunky looking cone. With this method, the more slits you make the better the result.

Recently, Serge Pipko documented how he uses this technique (a link to translate the site to English is provided). A new blogger, Rocketmanbkk also shows his results with this 'Crown Method'. Quite impressive results.