Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Video of yesterday's Spaceport America launch (with updated commentary)

Here's a cool report from Spaceport America by KRQE. It gives a good look at Moog's rocket boosted UAV and has great launch and landing footage. At the end it shows the Lunar Lander pads and the Spaceport site.

I found one of the Moog rep's comments interesting - they didn't want to spend time in the wind tunnel or over analyzing when they can just go out, launch it, and gather real flight data. :)

Update: A CTI rep. inferred on Rocketry Planet that motor used was one of theirs. Also, for those 'low altitude' flights, MDRA could contract out their field and tower. Any fees would of course be non-commercial donations to the club. I doubt that a flight like this required any resources from the big facility on the other side of the mountains.