Saturday, August 15, 2009

Project Pluto

I've always thought the Project Pluto Supersonic Low Altitude Missile (SLAM) was cool looking and would make a fun scale subject. As I mentioned earlier, there are photos of one flying at NARAM. But before that, there was Mark Schrader's DESCON15 entry. It came in 1st, so I guess others liked it too. He based his on the scale drawings in Spaceship Handbook by Jack Hagerty and Jon C. Rogers, but there are other resources to look at. With some redundancy:
It may look cool but it would have been one nasty mother. Besides it's nuclear payload, it would have used an unshielded nuclear powered RAMjet as its propulsion. Jack Haggarty notes that, after it dropped its ordinance, it could have been programmed to crisscross the countryside until its fuel source was finally expended, wreaking havoc along the way. At supersonic speeds, the shock wave would knock you over and its 150 db of noise would deafen you. If you lived, you'd then likely suffer from radiation poisoning. I'm glad this thing will only fly on the sports range!