Monday, August 17, 2009

Popular Mechanics, September 2009

I went ahead and picked up a copy just to see Steve Eves' Saturn V in a mainstream magazine :)

I was a little disappointed to find Steve was only given a one page blurb. Still, it was great to see his efforts were recognized!

I was also happy to see other rocket references in the magazine. There's a nice article on SpaceX's Falcon and Dragon capsule. It showcases their lead propulsion guru, Tom Muller. I didn't know it but he was both a prefessional propulsion engineer ay TRW and an amateur who flew with the Reaction Research Society. I used past tense because his latest project was put on the backburner when he signed on with SpaceX.

There's also an ad for a new show, named brink, that will air on the Science Channel (date unknown). One of the features will be plasma/fusion rockets. I'll have to Google this later.

There's also a good article on the Mythbusters' Jaime Hyneman and Adam Savage. These guys may have the best job in the universe. They were also guest editors for the entire issue.

Other missile-aneous things I saw of interest: we are in the "age of the exoplanet"; high tech crash test dummies made from tupperware, gelatin and live celery; metamaterial sonar cloaking; the brilliant National Synchrotron Light Source II; the other 9 Backyard Geniuses; 20% off coupon at Harbor Freight; CA and baking soda for parts creation. And those are just my fav tidbits.