Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Of Warthogs and Binders (Extreme Rocketry 80)

I just got hold of some issues of Extreme Rocketry. Issue 80's (April 2009) cover story is a report on MDRA's Red Glare V. Author/photographer Mark Canepa really gets around as he is also a big contributor to Rockets Magazine.

Mark did a good job on the RG-V article. It features interviews with two of my closest rocket buddies - Don Brown and Richard Hickok (hence the title). Which makes it even better ;)

This issue's interview is with one Mike Gross. Mike is a lesser known rocketeer than many of those I've seen interviewed. Nevertheless, the interview articles are one of my favorite features in ER and this one features a really cool Level-3 stretched Fat Boy.

There's also a launch report on October Skies 2008, a short article on ER owner Brent McNeely's re-certification rocket, an overview of ground support equipment and a continuation of Alan Whitmore's EX/Research series. I always complain about the lack of tech articles but these show another pitfall. That is, they range from too simple to too technical (for me, of course).

Finally, the featured project is Richard's smaller Binder (from Futurama). Cool.