Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Launch Report 2009-6 (solo #1)

This was my first 'solo' launch in quite a while and, breaking with my previous policy, decided to tag/log this in the 2009 launch sequence. This will make sure I don't mess up my flight counts.

Location: Derwood Test Range
Weather: 90's, calm
Total flights: Today - 10; YTD - 51
Total motors: Today - 10; YTD - 58

All my flights were MicroMaxx and I learned that my yard is only suitable for MicroMaxx saucers and monocopters. I used a mix of the Quest Q2 igniters (not the Q2G2 dipped ones) and the new ones being shipped with the MicroMaxx motors. The latter looks just like the Q2's but have no pyrogen. These were all easy to set up and I had 100% ignition success with my Pratt GO Box. For all rockets but the monos, I bent the igniter below the bead and taped it to a small piece of cardboard. The rockets were supported by the igniter. On the monos, I spread the leads below the bead, slid the igniter in, and carefully hooked the leads onto a small nail on the corner of my pad. Everything stayed in place just fine.

My flights:
  1. Quest Alien UFO saucer - This was the lowest flier, but the flight was fine.
  2. Art Applewhite MicroMaxx Flying Saucer - Flew slightly higher than the Quest plastic saucer.
  3. Tri-ny F-O Saucer - Flew slightly higher than the Art Applewhite saucer.
  4. My Little Cupcake - My cupcake paper 'saucer' beat them all.
  5. Quest Space Fighter - This swooped back over the house. I though it was on the roof when, boink, it landed the other direction in the street. This needed wadding...the mylar streamer is toast.
  6. Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile - So much for this being a brick - lost :(
  7. Nothin' But Tape - This all-duct tape rocket flew fast and landed 6' from the pad.
  8. The Amazing Underperforming Mono-Nano-Copter - This was my first micro-monocopter. Flew to ~4 feet.
  9. Cicada Killer - This monocopter went to about 6'.
  10. Art Applewhite MicroMaxx Monocopter, Mark II - This only went to 4'. I thought it flew better than my other monos. Maybe the cardstock has warped and the wing pitch has changed? I have no idea.