Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Instructables Frisbee Saucer - told ya' I'd add a motor mount

The wife was at bridge. I had finished watching two crappy movies - Evil Dead II and Quarantine. I wanted more excitement so I decided to print a flying saucer. I built a card stock saucer based on the Instructables paper Frisbee. Here's what I did:
  1. I downloaded the .pdf format patterns from their web site.
  2. I printed two copies on light card stock - the decorated version for the top of the saucer and a blank one for the bottom.
  3. The top was cut and scored as directed. It was easier to form than I expected. The results are shown in the right of the top photo.
  4. The bottom is folded differently than the top and is shown on the left of this photo. Although I scored all the dotted lines, I didn't need to score the inner circumferential path.
  5. I then flipped the bottom over and glued it to the top. I used a light coat of white glue along the connecting outer surfaces and a bead along the crest of the valley fold on the top piece. (I know that description is clear as mud but it's late and I'm sleepy. I'm sure you can figure it out.) The second photo shows the result. I let the glue fully dry before proceeding.
  6. It seems a little flimsier than an Art Applewhite 24mm card stock saucer due to the weight of the card stock I had on hand. I decided to go for 24mm anyway. I laid a section of tube over the top and bottom peaks, marked the perimeter, and cut the holes with an Exacto knife.

  7. I then glued the tube in and applied a heavy fillet on top and bottom. This photo shows the result next to an Art Applewhite 24mm Super Cinco.
  8. When the fillets are set, I'll notch the top and bottom to accommodate the launch rod.
Will it hold together? I know one way to find out ;)