Friday, July 10, 2009

MLAS, MLAS, and more MLAS

I see YORF memebers Gus, sandman (who turned the components of the flying model from my previous post), and Peter "Rockets of the World" Alway got to attend the MLAS launch. It turns out the model builder, Tim Wilson, is the assistant director of NESC, which built the MLAS. You can read their trip report(s) starting with post #17 in this YORF thread. Photos are included so we won't have to send out the hit men.

I'm thinking of an 8" stand-off version using Sonotube and a huge Easter Egg. Central 29mm mount and 4 canted 24mm mounts. One 'chute (maybe 2) and no inner capsule. Clear fins on clear posts mounted thru the lower CR. The margin is too close for me even with CP confirmation against the real thing. Especially with canted, clustered motors :eek:

Still want one from Quest.