Friday, July 03, 2009

Messer-Fo-Shizzle officially DOA

I finally decided to rebuild the Messer-Fo-Shizzle after it failed to deploy at Red Glare VI. Well, the news was worse than expected. I thought I'd have to trim and extend the upper body, reattach the two fin units that shredded off and re-tack the motor mount(s). It turns out that all the foam fins were also damaged and the motor mount was really jacked up. I still could re-build it but am leading towards building something totally different. I can still reuse the nose cone and replaceable fin holders. It's ironic that, every time I've used them, I've not only had to replace the foam board fins (as planned) but also the entire underlying rocket (a bug, not a feature). For now I just put the body aside. I'm out of Quaker Oats bins since I've been buying it in bulk at Costco. When I get a replacements, I'll make the final decision.