Saturday, July 04, 2009

LDRS 28 photos (updated)

I'm adding to this thread as new sources are found. The latest will be on top.

(posted 7/11 12:22 AM) And, although only Day 1 is currently listed, ROCKETS Magazine's albums should provide the best photographic coverage. (They should have a video teaser soon also.) Their site is slow at the moment so I missed that the link I provided is also a teaser. You can see more photos, soon if not now, by navigating to photos-->purchase photos-->LDRS 28.

(posted 7/13 10:30 AM) The Oakleys have a nice album.

(posted 7/11 12:22 AM) Eldred seems to now have his photos on his own site (vs. on ROL as noted below). Here is a starting point in the middle of his Sunday shots. I'm lazy but it should be easy to navigate to any other days' photos.

(posted 7/8 05:30 PM) Another small Flickr set.

(posted 7/8 12:19 AM) Sunday on Brett Keller's Rockets and Stuff.

(posted 7/7 10:29 PM)
A Sunday report on Rocketry Planet.

(posted 7/7 06:05 PM) See Mark's Photos on OurPlanet:

Find more photos like this on Our Planet

(posted 7/7 05:40 PM) The demise of the Black 5 (video at the bottom)

(posted 7/6 09:28 PM) Here's HotRod Rocket's OurPlanet album:

Find more photos like this on Our Planet

(posted 7/6 06:23 PM) Vern Hoag prepping his Redstone.

(posted 7/5 09:00 PM) Tim Sapp Photography has coverage of the whole event to date. Click on 'proofing' at the top of the page. The required password will be revealed.

(posted 7/5 10:50 AM) Eldred Pickett's photos from Saturday are up on ROL.

(posted 7/4 1:56 PM) Shovel recovery from 1500'. (BTW, I'm just coolin' my heals before heading out to BBQ and fireworks.)

(posted 7/4 11:15 AM) Here's another Flickr album from dcrocketeer. Ken Zeuner loves BIG bottle rockets to celebrate the 4th. This one will fly on a 98mm motor!

Ken Zeuner's Chinese bottle rocket

(posted 7/4 10:50 AM) ROL has a nice album, including lift-off shots of the Hot Rod Nitro Fireball showing at least some of the outboard rockets boosting. The launch sequence starts at photo 1033. There are several shots of MDRA members and MDRA-accessories, including Glenn Davis' yellow Skunkworks X-15 (photo 1006).

(original post) Found some photos of Day 2 (Friday) on Flickr. I spotted familiar signs, speakers, and an MDRA rail. And, some photos of the Hot Rod Nitro Fireball that sports 7 29mm mounts, 6 outboard 24mm mounts and 6 'staged' HotRod Nitro-Xs. That's 19 motors. I went ahead and embedded one of clubjuggler's nice photos.