Monday, June 01, 2009

Whirlygig-38 promoted

From a mere project idea to a real project in the Dungeon.

I cut the openings for the motor mount and launch lug in a 37" length of 3" dia. window tint tube. I'm going with a 3/8" lug just to give it more support. Even though the Whirlygigs don't seem to spin while on the rod, I thought there might be some whip on a 1/4" rod. I also measured the fins but am rethinking the material I had planned to use. It's on the heavy side and I'm beginning to worry about weight. I might yet switch to a paper tube. At least the tint tube was a freebie...and I have more. I found I didn't have enough 38mm tubing and have begun dreaming of the new Blue Tube. So far, all the things I've mentioned are easy to resolve. What I really need to figure out is how I want to deploy a chute (or if I do).