Monday, June 15, 2009

ROCKETS Magazine, June 2009 (Saturn V issue)

The lead story in this issue is Steve Eves' 1:10 Scale Saturn V. Having attended the record-setting launch, I'll be setting this one in my 'short stack' of favorite rocket magazines. The two articles are well written and have some excellent photos. My favorite is the sun rising over the Eastern Shore (and the Saturn) on launch day. (You can see my report and other documentation here.)

Two other stories originate from here in the mid-Atlantic region. There is a report on Battle of the Rockets, which was held at the Battlepark field in Culpeper, Va and a notice about Scott Spencer's bid for the Delaware seat in the House of Representatives. Scott didn't kick off his campaign with bang. He kicked it off with the loud whoosh of a half-scale Patriot, a.k.a. the Trail Blazer, boosting on an L952. Since he's not my rep, I didn't even note his party affiliation. I do know another rocket-friendly person in Washington would be a good thing.

Other items include the chronicle of a rocketeer's trip to Level-3, a build article on a fin jig (includes a review of other techniques and jigs), rocket outreach in Arizona, a review of the book Apollo, and a review of the N-powered Group Therapy.