Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project 463 construction details

For historical purposes, I decided I'd capture some close-ups of the beast. In order, nosecone-to-thrust plate (L-to-R, top-to-bottom): nosecone on playa, nose section in the shop, upper sustainer body (2' Sonotube), lower sustainer body (four 10" aluminum tubes and plates), fin can with 4" motor mount (rolled door skins over ply rings) and inter-stage metal lattice, upper booster (2' Sonotube and door skin transition), booster mid-body with ribs and Saturn 1B-like tubes, booster lower body (3' diameter Sonotube), 1/2" marine plywood fins, rolled Formica boat tail and 1/2" aluminum thrust plate, lower internal support structure (metal tubing), upper internal support structure (metal tubing), one of the side-ported deployment pistons.