Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Massive Gassive was featured in the EMRR Corner

EMRR Corner, a regular feature in Apogee Component's Newsletter, highlights rocketry material from, as expected, EMRR's site. The theme of Newsletter #235's EMRR Corner was Let's Cluster Some Motors. The center photo in this Corner shows the business end of the still unpainted 10 x 24mm Massive Gassive. (BG)

This rocket has flown three times (twice on 10 D12s and once on one E9 and 9 D12s). On the first flight, the heavy nose cone drag separated and caused a massive zipper. I rebuilt it and now the cone is tight. I also now use separate 'chutes for the cone and body.

(as seen on The Essence of Essence's Model Rocket Reviews)