Thursday, June 18, 2009

The ginormous Stratospheric Dreams post

At R2K's request, I went ape shit with the screen snaps. But first, some details about the rocket:
  • The project concept and motors were by Mike Ward and the construction was by Chuck Sackett.
  • 'Flew' after BALLS-005 on its own waiver.
  • Motor was 'S' class.
  • The 320 lbs of propellant was cast in PML 11.5" couplers so the diameter was just over 12".
  • The steel body was the motor case and it used actual surplus Nike fins.
  • The 4000+ psi steel body was shredded.
I used a small format due to the number of photos, click to expand (as usual). (snaps via Point 39 Productions)

First, some show and tell in his shop.

Assembly on-site. Ya' just gotta love a rocket that you assemble with a sledge hammer :)

Ignition! The 2nd photo is one frame after the first. The 4th shows the range of the debris field, which fills the frame.