Thursday, June 11, 2009


KenKzak made some suggestions in a comment to my previous Whirlygig-38 post so I decided to try some variations of my original 24mm version. I want to fly:
  1. One with the main tube shortened by the width of two fin roots and with the same fin dimensions (3" root, 5" span).
  2. One with the same length tube (22") but with the fins oriented the opposite way (5" x 3" - a longer root and less span).
  3. Possibly others based on the flight test results.
To this end, I acquired some 2" mailing tubes. I managed to find some suitable scrap fin stock to make option #1 but didn't find anything to make the fins for the #2 option. I won't be able to buy or build tomorrow, but it looks like I'll have one available for MDRA's ESL-133 this weekend. Yay.