Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whirlygig 38mm - just thinking 'out loud' (update)

I've been thinking about building a larger Whirlygig for the newly announced AeroTech I49N or I59WN motors. These long burn motors will be good for either extreme altitude - or extremely low altitude in saucers, monocopters...or Whirlygigs.

I have some 3" tint tube and some 3/16" thick 4.5" wide plywood. I need to buy some 38mm tubing. But, the bigger issue is that this 'Gig will be heavy and will need a recovery system. And the I49 and I59 are both plugged so electronics will be required.

Thus, my questions so far are:
  1. Can either my GWiz altimeter timer or Xavien timer work under spinning conditions?
  2. Will there be enough Y-axis acceleration to activate these devices?
  3. Will an extended main tube affect the Whirlygig's flight?
After I think some more I'll probably open a thread on Rocketry Planet.

Update: Thought I'd post a re-photo of my Whirlygig-24 in flight. You can read more about it on EMRR.