Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sport Rocketry - May/June 2009

This is a great issue. But a slightly odd one. First, the cover shot is cool but it is the second in a row that was not taken at a NAR event (not that I care, just a curiosity). Second, there isn't a single launch report article. I don't remember another issue that didn't have at least one.

What this issue does have is three solid tech articles. The first is Boris Katan's how-to on Clusters and Igniters. If you are on the rocketry forums, it would be hard to have missed reports on his handiwork, however, this article ties his work together nicely and is packed with nice launch shots. You just gotta love a 27 motor cluster!

Ed Miller continues his series on finishing with an installment on Primer and Filler Coats. Ed's articles are great, but if you aren't going to use them... :(

The third tech article in on tip-to-tip glassing techniques. Useful stuff but best served right before you are going to apply the glass. Well, at least during the planning phase of your project.

Smaller articles include a build report on the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc and a short one on the rec.model.rockets newsgroup. The best part of which was a photo of the author sitting in front of his computer wearing a welder's helmet. LOL, perfect RMR gear.

I also want to point out a link to Roger's Rocketships. Chuck Rogers, the co-author/illustrator of the Spaceship Handbook, now is offering his fantasy scale plans on a per-item basis. I've only taken a quick look but the items seem to be the same ones as shown in the book. There are many other sections on the site so I will have to do more poking.

(The attached photo of Steve Jurvetson's V2 was lifted from his Flickr page, by me and by the magazine. This was taken at a Rocket Mavericks launch. In fact, last month's cover photo was also Steve's. Another curiosity.)