Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fringe propulsion and DC-X model (update)

Here are two items from Clark Lindsey (short, thus quoted). Non-quoted lead-ins are mine, now that I actually read the referenced items.

This book is a collection of papers and is "not for the casual reader." (or possibly even for the causal reader :o). The authors want to improve the S/N ratio about these "far-out" concepts. There appears to be a hint of PR for the Tau Zero Foundation, which Millis represents.
Wired talks with Marc G. Millis and Eric W. Davis, editors of the new book Frontiers of Propulsion Science, about some of the far out space travel concepts discussed in the book: New Book: Warp Speed, Maybe - Danger Room - May.4.09
Cute, but from what I can see resin models are not the best for conversion and are also pretty expensive.
The Fantastic Plastic aerospace models store is once again selling the McDonnell Douglas DCX Delta Clipper Model kit.