Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cluster monocopter spotted at NSL2009 (update)

Monocopters Yahoo Group member krambo63 provides news of a 7 x 18mm clustered monocopter at NSL. More importantly, he provided photos:

He notes:
It had flat balsa wing roughly 24 inches long x 3 inches wide. At
takeoff, the wing was flat with a constant pitch. However, once it got
up to speed, the wing developed a pronounced warp so that the pitch at
the wing tip was nearly flat.
He further wonders if such flexing is normal or even desirable. The one example that I've seen of a movable wing was on a retro off the shelf monocopter built to fly on fireworks motors. Its wing would extend and increase in angle of attack as the speed of rotation increased. However, I somehow doubt that the warp in a balsa wing would be controllable and thus wasn't planned.