Friday, April 24, 2009

Who's your Big Daddy? updated, already!

Here is my mostly completed, 29mm Big Daddy. 'Mostly' because I won't install the nose cone bulkhead and any required weight until I lay hands on one of Quests new F12 BP motors. (see note below!) They were supposed to be out in the Spring (i.e. around now) but may be held up by the new CPSC rules (?). I don't know this...just a guess.

Anyway, this is yet another '5-foot model' (looks good from 5 feet or more). I used Valspar primer and Rustoleum gloss black. The Valspar was all Michael's had that day and I thought the Rustoleum was good from prior experience. However, the combo sucked. There was plenty of crazing and I opted to wait, sand, shoot another layer, repeat rather than stripping it down. This worked fairly well and the crazing ceased. However, since I'm fairly lazy I stopped when the finish was barely, kinda, mostly OK. Hence, the 5-foot status.

Note the cool mini MDRA sticker :)

Breaking News: Quest's Bill Stine sez that the the new D5's and D8's are awaiting EX numbers and may be shipping by NARAM. The Bigger E's and F's will be out in the Fall. My guess is that this Big Daddy my have to fly on a AeroTech F35 reload in the interim! No way I'm waiting for another flying season.