Saturday, April 25, 2009

Steve Eves' Saturn V ROCKED Maryland's Eastern Shore

After testing the winds with a 'tiny' Nike Smoke on a J350, Steve Eves' Saturn was launched into the beautiful Maryland skies at around 1PM local. The central 'P' and eight 'N' motors (that's 'R' impulse, baby - yeaaah) lifted it majestically to around 3-4K feet. At apogee, the rocket was nominally over the crowd so there was a slight pucker factor until its 4 'chutes opened. It looked like one was slightly snagged but, nevertheless, the Saturn drifted slowly into an adjacent field. It even landed on its tail!

My congrats to Steve and the MDRA crew, this was an amazing accomplishment! I'll report additional links (see below) as they arise.

Here are some of my photos.  Actually, I have to thank my son Steve for most of these, including all the flight shots. It was a good day all around.


Check out Steve's next project - a 1:9 scale Saturn 1B.  It's smaller but more complex.  And there are going to be two of them!

Three Four awesome videos: (I think that'll be all I embed.)