Sunday, April 05, 2009

RockSim 9 gone wild: USS Enterprise

I just entered this interesting 'what-if' RockSim design into EMRR's database - a rendition of Star Trek's USS Enterprise. In the comments to his design, Lester Anderson asks that anyone who gets this to work in the real work let him know. Well, I don't think that will happen unless you tweak the configuration like Estes did:

Note that the 'what-if' category in EMRR is for designs which haven't, can't or shouldn't actually fly. Still, the fact that you can make this design act stably in RockSim makes me do my best Spock eyebrow raise.

Just in case you are interested, in a few days you will be able to find the RockSim file here. The screen snap is from the RockSim file.