Monday, April 20, 2009

ROCKETS Magazine - April 2009

This issue features several articles about, or at least motivated by, the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. Besides the fact that we sport rocketeers are also space program fans, the tie-in to sport rocketry appears to be Steve Eves' 1:10th scale Saturn V. The main article is about the celebration that was held in Huntsville last February. This features one of the coolest photos I've seen in a while - Steve's Saturn sitting at the base of the real thing. I had to do a double-take because it looks kinda like an Estes kit sitting along side his huge model. Next up is an article by the original Rocket Boy, Homer Hickam. Homer tells us why he wrote October Sky. Cool photos include him signing the capsule on Steve's rocket and a photo of the four Rocket Boys in Coalwood. Finally, there are two articles about Space Camp (the real thing, not the movie).

There's a detailed report on AHPRA's ARG 6 launch. I seem to like photos today. There's a really pretty rocket girl in an AAAAARG!-themed costume. Oh yeah, there are lots of rockets too, including the famous Gila Monster. It's now staged and can be seen on the cover shot.

There's a review of the Performance Rocketry Mongoose 38, a shortie on LDRS 28, and a reprint of the joint statement on our lawsuit win. I'm sad to say the remaining item is news that Gary Buck, long-time rocketeer and founder of Rocket R&D, passed away. I didn't know the gentleman, but it's always sad to lose one of our ranks.

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