Sunday, April 26, 2009

Details on the Saturn V flight

I decided to go ahead and make a new post and relay some details I've seen about the flight.

This thread on TQC#39 has some really good up close and personal shots and so does this TRF thread.

TRF user MAXQ reports there was a fairly big zipper on the lower stage, a couple of smaller ones on the top section, and that one fairing cracked on landing. Not bad for such a humongous rocket! He notes that Steve is an auto body guy so he should be able to fix this stuff fairly easily. In a Rocketry Planet thread, user SmokinJoe offers some details:
Altitude 4,441', max velocity 450mph, 7 G's, something like 181,000Ns? and about 187lbs of propellant. Blew the entire pad back 9 feet!
(The TQC#39 thread has a photo showing the pad base post-launch.)