Monday, March 09, 2009

Sport Rocketry, March/April 2009

Just got the new issue and am a little disappointed. Not due to the quality of the articles but their subjects just didn't excite me. Hopefully, this curmudgeonly post will be taken with a grain of salt. Rats, this is the 2nd issue in a row that I've felt this way about.

The first feature is a detailed article on a Level-3 rocket build. I'm sad to note that high power has been beat out of me. I do like ogling rockets first hand and watching the launches but I really don't much care what's under the hood.

There's a short piece on a launch commemorating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 8. Well, there are a few nice photos here.

Next up is an article on piston launchers. I have never used one and have no plans to do so.

Master modeler Ed Miller has another detailed article on how he gets his phenomenal finishes. That's all well and good but I already know more about finishing than I need to. That is, I'm lazy, cheap and don't apply what I already know.

Rick Boyette writes about his 'quasi-glassing' process, which replaces fiberglass cloth and epoxy with pantyhose and Minwax Polycrylic. I've used this a couple of three times and it is a useful alternative to glassing. Still, I haven't and probably won't use it often. One unmentioned benefit is the resulting tube is very water resistant. One of mine went swimming and the tube showed no ill effects. Not so the motor mount. I also learned about a product called drain sleeve that might substitute for fiberglass socks. I'll have to research this more.

Crap, I almost became positive.

There's an ad for NARAM-51 and an article about the operation of the NAR. Yawn.

Your mileage may vary and my opinion might mellow.