Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revised TU-123 RockSim model (updated)

(scratch_tu123.rkt) click for bigger images

I only simmed it on one motor. Note that, as usual, I didn't sweat the details of the design. If I was building it I'd have to iterate the design to determine the actula weight, stability margin, etc.

Max data values:
Maximum acceleration:Vertical (y): 298.742 Ft./s/sHorizontal (x): 0.358 Ft./s/sMagnitude: 298.742 Ft./s/s
Maximum velocity:Vertical (y): 258.5378 ft/s, Horizontal (x): 1.5564 ft/s, Magnitude: 258.5554 ft/s
Maximum range from launch site: 37.49989 Ft.
Maximum altitude: 1069.76629 Ft.

Engine ejection charge data:
Using a delay time of : 8.000 Seconds
Velocity: 31.2246 ft/s
Altitude: 1053.95133 Ft.