Thursday, February 05, 2009

Remember the Thunder Snitch

Now, THAT'S a saucer! The Thunder Snitch was featured in High Power Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 3, dated (but not delivered) June 2000. This was a class project at the James Bowie HS in Far Eastern Texas. I didn't note the scale, diameter, or weight, but they expected between 350' and 500' on an M1315. Lesson learned: Use a prep checklist and "flip the switch."

Thunder Snitch credits: Article by Mark Hale, photos by Dennis Waters, prefect/supervisor was Tom Owens.

Other articles in this issue included: a build article on a Big Purple rocket, a chronicle of the Magnum-Goraj launches that were held in Ohio during the early '90's, a tale of the relation between Roman war chariots and the Shuttle SRBs (time for Google and Snopes?), using surplus WWII rockets for EX rocketry at the Reaction Research Institute, and installment 7 in a series of 'rocket art' articles by Ed Miller.

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