Friday, February 27, 2009

Recycled Big Daddy + junk build

This rocket was built with the remains of my Big Daddy that core sampled last year:
  • The base of the nose broke off so I added a Luan bulkhead and a small eyebolt.
  • The body tube is a wrapping paper tube that fits the nose perfectly.
  • The body was a bit flimsy so I reinforced the inside with the telescoping tube from a 3" mailing tube. This was sectioned to fit.
  • More of that tubing was used to make the 6 tube fins. The size of this tubing conveniently left a small gap between each pair. I say conveniently since this provided a home for the recycled Big Daddy fins (3 of the 4).
  • One more inside layer of tubing allowed three 29mm mounts to fit nicely. These were cut from the end of another yet unused motor mount assembly. The gaps were filled with tissue soaked in Elmer's.
  • It has buttons and a 1/4" lug.
  • Still need to reinforce the fin/tube fin joints and wait for better weather to prime.
  • It also needs a name.