Sunday, February 22, 2009

Launch Magazine - Christmas in February edition

Not surprisingly, there has been a lot discussion about LAUNCH Magazine's announcement that they are facing financial difficulties and will be taking a time out. They subsequently posted .pdf files of select article from the December edition, which had been a no-show. Well, last week reports began popping up from people who had received that edition. I thought my subscription had expired but I must have mis-counted my magazines. I received my copy yesterday.

As usual, this issue is packed with space history and prognostications. I especially liked the piece on NASA's historic art program. Although this is a book review, it includes around ten images from NASA's art program.

In the area of sport rocketry, there are two articles. One was on a project that I had not heard about until now. 'Project Saturn' commemorated the 40th anniversary of Apollo 7 and specifically Walt Cunningham. 26 modelers from around the country built 30 Saturn 1B's for the event. I even know a couple of the builders. The next article was on the 17th FAI World Spacemodeling Championships. Not my cup of tea, plus I'd already seen a report.

I guess I'll explain my snarky post title. The magazine included a Merry Christmas message, an interview with the director of the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still (long gone from the theaters), and a calendar which has mostly expired. I really shouldn't be too snarky as the content is good and, in the grand scheme, the majority of the material is not dated.